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We set ourselves apart from other horse training schools because we focus on the relationship with your horse, not the training.

When a horse feels he shares a bond with you and there is trust, respect, and focus, your horse is more than willing to do anything you ask. At Liberty Horse Academy, we believe the horse’s feelings matter. Horses have a voice because the horses have a CHOICE when they are at Liberty-- no tack, no restraints, no force, and in a free environment where they are free to escape your influence if they need to.

Today, many horse training schools focus on methods for horseman to dominate their horse and essentially control the relationship. Here at Liberty Horse Academy, we approach horse training in an entirely different manner and believe horses and horsemen should communicate equally to establish a mutually beneficial relationship. We set ourselves apart from other horse training schools because we place our focus on the connection and bond you share with your horse. Horses desire to be led and find leadership vital to their survival. Our leadership tactics are inspiration, motivation, and empowerment for both horse and human.

Our courses are taught online, and they are available to avid horsemen throughout the world. Our foundational course is The Language of Horses. . This course is the foundation for all of the other courses which include animal communication, The Spanish Walk, teaching a horse to lie down, Effortless Trailer Loading, putting a horse under saddle, and ultimately riding a horse at Liberty, steering the horse with just your fingers, and more.

Liberty Horse Academy was founded by Linda Salinas, who tasted the art of connection through her own herd of 8 horses and each horse she connects with. Linda wants to show you how to become your own horse whisperer and create a magical connection and bond with your horse. We are committed to the horse/human connection, and we aim to teach what we both have learned from horses. Our courses are filled with audio files to help you understand the nature of horses while developing a greater understanding of yourself. Our courses also include written material of each class and in-depth videos teaching you how to achieve a rewarding relationship with your horse. Our courses feature real-life applications, helpful theories, and above all, principles designed to strengthen the bond between horses and humans.

Contact us today to find out more about what sets us apart from other horse training schools and how our exceptional courses can improve the relationship you have with your horse! We look forward to hearing from you and hope you enjoy the many benefits our unique approach to horse training our courses provide.

Horse Training

Nothing is more beautiful than horse and human connecting, empathizing, and sharing an exclusive bond that lasts.

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